Culinary Club Discusses Plans for City High Recipe Book Fundraiser

Haileigh Steffen, Video Editor

Culinary Club met this Tuesday to discuss plans for a school recipe book fundraiser. According to the club presidents, the plans for springtime annual fundraising were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To combat low funds, president Ana Laura Leyser ‘22 suggested compiling faculty and student recipes onto either a digital or paper recipe book as a way to find the money to run the club. 

“Our fundraising was cut last year because we planned to start after spring break,” said club sponsor Ms. Wehr during Tuesday’s meeting. 

The club plans to send out a Google survey soon to both students and faculty to gauge interest in the fundraiser. Last year’s sticker campaign will be reused as well. 

In addition to Covid-19 meeting restrictions, the club has lost its usual cooking space due to City High’s third-floor construction. It is unclear whether the club will be cooking together in the future. According to Leyser, there is a slight possibility that students can cook together but must not consume the club’s goods until safely socially distanced at home. 

As for future club meetings, students will have the option to meet in person or to tune in through Zoom every Tuesday at 4:15, akin to how the club’s been meeting since the start of the school year. 

Furthermore, Culinary Club plans on opening up a Canvas classroom to send out reminders and club materials in addition to their current communication via Instagram. 

“Even though we can’t cook together right now,” Leyser said, “We’re still making it work. We’re figuring out ways to make the club fun.”