Show Choir Season… Online?


Rebecca Michaeli

Fourth Ave show choir practicing in the City High cafeteria before the decision to go online.

Aala Basheir

The district’s decision to go solely online for the next two weeks, beginning Monday, November 16th doesn’t just affect Hybrid students. All activities held in person are also required to transition online or be postponed for the time being. 

“I think [transitioning all online is] a smart decision given the circumstances that we find ourselves in this community and in the wider world,” Tyler Hagy, director of the Treble and Concert Choirs and Fourth Ave. Jazz Company show choir, said. “We have to be cognizant of the challenges that online school poses, but also to the facts that the spread of the disease is again becoming uncontrollable, and to do our part in our school system to lessen that.”

During online choir class, students stay muted while singing, making it difficult to receive direct feedback from the director. Fourth Ave. held their last practice on November 12th in City High’s cafeteria, dancing with masks on. They previously rehearsed singing with custom, extended masks. Show choir began practicing online on November 16. 

“It’s kind of a one way street from the teacher to the student. And you just kind of hope that they’re taking in the material and doing what you’re telling them to do and that kind of stuff,” Hagy said.

As of right now show choir directors are looking into alternative ways to host the Winter Show. The district is said to reassess the situation after two weeks, with the possibility of extending the decision to halt all school activities.