Inside the Construction Site

Kate Kueter

Kate Kueter, Video Editor

The dream of the new addition to City High is becoming a reality. As the construction process has continued, the City High community can see the new dome, above the new commons, has been built. According to Project Superintendent Scott Ballard, the construction team is currently working on the south side addition as well as renovating the science classrooms on the first floor and other classrooms on the second floor. Besides the major addition to the building on the south side, the construction on the classrooms has caused major shifts in where students learn. Teachers have been moved to new classrooms in the main building starting after winter break and will stay in their new classrooms until the next school year. As the renovations in the main building cycle through areas will be re-occupied as the renovations are completed. The main renovation to existing classrooms is the addition of the AC system. 

“The geothermal system and renovation work inside the existing school will finish up before the addition is complete,” said Mr. Ballard. 

The construction team from Miron Construction Co. has faced some challenges in communication and social distancing. 

Mr. Ballard commented on the communication from the managerial side saying, “sometimes it can be harder to communicate online.” They have been focusing on keeping their workers safe by enforcing social distancing and wearing masks although it can produce problems for the workers. 

“[We are] trying to sequence the work activities to promote social distancing as much as possible,” said Mr. Ballard. “ Wearing face masks with safety glasses is a challenge due to the glasses fogging up.”

When school lets out for spring break on March 20 the construction will move to renovate the first floor near the main office and the west gym.