Social Media Policy Statement


Infographic by Jesse Hausknecht-Brown

A Little Hawk staff columns outlines the social media policy

LH Staff

The Little Hawk’s social media policy is as follows: Comments on social media that are abusive, vulgar, racist, threatening, harassing, or personally attacking an individual will not be allowed.  Libel, slander or personal attacks of any kind, including the use of offensive terms that target specific individuals or groups will not be allowed.  Spam, political advertisements or other types of propaganda will also not be allowed on Little Hawk social media. Comments will be suspended on social media if policies above are violated.

We, the staff of The Little Hawk, want to allow students to express their opinions about anything we post on any social media platform. This encourages discussion and debate about different things in the City High community. We value and encourage this type of communication with fellow students in a safe and respectful manner. Here at The Little Hawk, we want everybody in the City High community to have important conversations about our community. Students are allowed to voice their opinions in the comments section of our posts and we do not want to have to ever disable comments or delete posts. Keep it classy Little Hawks!