City High Varsity Girls Basketball Loses to Waterloo West

In their second round of substate, the girls basketball ended their season earlier than expected.


Natalie Green

Kacie Earl ’22 during a previous game going for a shot.

Rachel Marsh, Photo Editor, Reporter

The City High varsity girls basketball team finished their second round of games leading to state. The girls went against Waterloo West on February 23. With a score of 64-51, they lost to Waterloo West. 

“Substate basketball didn’t go the way we planned or hoped our season would end, but I think we learned a lot from that game,” said Georgia Kimm ‘22. “We didn’t start out as good in the first quarter as we planned. We seemed a little more timid and if we had played with a bit more confidence I think we could’ve won the game.”

Prior to the game, they trained and studied film of their games and their opponents’ game to get in tip-top shape. 

Watching film is a very important part of preparing for big games. We get matchups and try to get a better idea of a team’s playing style. We also go over past games we have played to make adjustments as needed,” Mia Driscoll ‘23 said.

According to the team, another important aspect in preparing for state is the team’s community and bonding.

“Our team has had some of the best chemistry this year than ever before. All of us are close and it makes practices much more enjoyable,” said Driscoll. “ [The game] sums up everything we have worked for the entire season. We know we have to execute and minimize our mistakes.”

Waterloo West came in with a streak of seventeen wins and is now ranked first in the Mississippi Valley Conference. City High will not continue on the road to state, as their season has ended.

“We learned we have a lot more that we can improve on as a team and we can get better so that hopefully next year we’ll get a spot and make it to state,” Kimm said.