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Precieux Lemon

Ms Taggart was selected by Precieux for appreciation.

Teacher Appreciation Column: Ms. McTaggart “Shows Kindness with Kindness”

My favorite teacher since I came to the city was Ms. McTaggart. 

There is a saying I learned from my grandfather and that is ¨show kindness with kindness.” If I would have to describe Ms. McTaggart as a teacher, I would say she someone who ¨ shows kindness with kindness¨ and a teacher with great expectations of her students. She would find a way to help us a lot when we didn’t even ask. During her free time, she checked how our grades to informed us what he could do to improve and talked with our other teacher about what she could do to help us improve our grades. The reason I describe Ms. McTaggart with the quote ¨show kindness with kindness¨ is that she was happy and kind throughout our school life and she strict with students who gave up on themselves. She becomes strict when she loses her expectation of her students when they promise to do the best in the school year. If you were her student you would think she is nagging you, but to me, it looks like she worries about the future and she would always try to make you improve yourself. This is why a lot of her students come back to get her help when they are in trouble and appreciate her for what she helps them improve themselves. The reason Ms. McTaggart is one of my best teachers is that her students never forget what she has done for them and we always knew who to count on if we were in trouble.



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