Teacher Appreciation Column: Mr. Schumann Makes History “Not Boring”


Courtesy of Shumann

Mr. Schumann teachers social studies at City High.

Evan Raefield, Reporter

During my time so far at City High, I’ve had a lot of good teachers, but to choose one to write about today, I’d have to go with Mr. Schumann.

For starters, he makes history not boring. This is quite a feat for anybody, let alone a class of high school students. And yet, Mr. Schumann manages it. I attribute this to his enthusiasm and energy he puts into his presentations, always engaging the class and putting a unique, creative, and charismatic spin on his delivery. One memory that I love to reflect on was when we were talking about Mao’s Communist China, and he was trying to get us to remember the Great Leap Foreward and to emphasize his point after he called on someone and they stumbled, he started jumping around the classroom because its the great leap forward. It’s stuff like that that sets Schumann apart not only from other History teachers, but from all other teachers, he puts a special emphasis on effort and enthusiasm, and really works hard to teach us what we need to know. Thank you for being yourself Mr. Schumann, and please don’t stop!