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Teacher Appreciation Column: Ms Barnard Makes the Learning Effortless

Throughout my freshman year, Ms. Barnard has definitely surpassed the label of my “favorite teacher”.

Whether it was in her class, or I was passing by her in the hallways, or maybe just sent a simple email, she always acknowledged me and interacted with me in such a friendly way. It is not often that you find a teacher who is also your best friend. But this year, I was extremely lucky.

Ms. Barnard has not only been a teacher figure in my life, but also provided me with someone that I knew I could go to for advice or just to talk, and someone that I could trust. Learning material in her class seemed effortless. Not because it wasn’t challenging, but because I knew that she would always be there to help me do my best. She always pushed me to do better and rewarded me when things were done well. A simple “good job!” means a lot these days especially in a pandemic when things are stressful and overwhelming.

Ms. Barnard paid attention to the little details as well. Whether it was class material, schedules, and even my personal life, she was always involved and made my first year of high school easier and more enjoyable. For all the big and little things that Ms. Barnard provided, I will forever be grateful!

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