Between The Pylons: Fantasy Football Breakdown for Week 2


Jacob Williamson

Between the Pylons is a Fantasy Football advice and analysis show.

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Hello everyone. The voices behind this column and our podcasts are Ben Horwitz, Aaron Stalkfleet and Jacob Williamson. We are current seniors, and involved in various things (and sports) at City. Our shared love of football and aggressive competitiveness is what initially inspired this column. Each week we plan to put out a different fantasy football prediction/analysis for the next NFL week. We appreciate your support and will be competing to see who has the best analysis.


This week we are doing a Boom/Bust analysis. We randomly picked the players below for this week’s games, and we each got to predict whether we think they will go above(Boom) or below(Bust) their ESPN fantasy projections. We each pick two players from each position group. We make picks based on matchups, personal opinion, and player projection. After the first week, we will be keeping track of our personal records of our predictions throughout the season. Each week, there will be a different type of analysis.


This weeks (2) possible choices:

(All based on ESPN projections)


QB Kyler Murray 24.7 pts

QB Teddy Bridgewater 17.7 pts 

QB Aaron Rodgers 25.9 pts

QB Jalen Hurts 22.0 pts 


RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire 14.8 pts

RB Aaron Jones 17.0 pts 

RB Chris Carson 17.3 pts

RB Josh Jacobs 13.6 pts 


WR Keenan Allen 16.7 pts

WR Cooper Kupp 14.8 pts 

WR Devonta Smith 13.6 pts
WR D.K. Metcalf 16.9 pts


TE TJ Hockenson 11.4 pts

TE Kyle Pitts 11.4 pts

TE Tyler Higbee 9.2 pts

TE Mark Andrews 12.0 pts




Aaron’s Picks week 2

(Total Record 1-3)


QB Kyler Murray 24.7 pts – BOOM

At this point, you can just expect Kyler to over-perform his total just about every week. Kyler put up 34.56 in a week 1 blowout vs the titans and looked phenomenal. Kyler continues his dominance and potential run at MVP this week against the Vikings. 


QB Jalen Hurts 22.0 pts – BOOM

Jalen Hurts put up 28.76 points week 1 against a terrible Falcons defense. Regardless, it was a big step in the right direction for a guy that people still have questions about at the QB position. Hurts continues his big year and proves his doubters wrong and scores over 22 against the 49ers. 


RB Josh Jacobs 13.6 pts – BUST

Jacobs found the endzone twice in a crazy Monday Night Football win over the Ravens. Don´t let that fool you, however, as that shouldn’t be sustainable. He only rushed for 34 rushing yards as well. On top of that, a really good Pittsburgh Steelers defense comes to town and they should make it really hard for him. Jacobs busts. 


RB Chris Carson 17.3 pts – BOOM

I expect Carson to Boom this week against the Titans. 16 carries for 91 yards in week 1, he just couldn’t find the endzone. This is a lower confidence choice, I might add.


WR D.K. Metcalf 16.9 pts – BUST

DK had 16 points on 60 yards receiving and 1 TD week 1 against the Colts. However, this week, DK barely misses the 16.9 mark.


WR Keenan Allen 16.7 pts -BUST

Keenan Allen was as reliable as it gets this past week in a close win over the WFT. Allen and Justin Herbert definitely have something going and should for a long time to come. It’s worth noting that other Chargers WR Mike Williams obtained a touchdown on 82 yards receiving on Sunday and until we see the season work itself out; I would be cautious with starting Keenan Allen, although his upside in any given game is very high. This is also a lower than confident pick.


TE TJ Hockenson 11.4 pts – BOOM

This is a no brainer. Hockenson recorded 25.7 points in a week one loss to the 49ers. He has his eyes set on a big year and could just be Jared Goff’s favorite target. Conversely, this is a high confidence selection. 


TE Mark Andrews 12.0 pts – BUST

This is interesting. Andrews only had 3 receptions resulting in a meager 5 points. The Ravens play the Chiefs this weekend who happen to have a pretty good TE of their own. Until we see Andrews produce, I would be hesitant in starting him in any league. He does have a high ceiling though and numerous times last year produced in big games for big numbers. For now, Andrews busts 12.   




Jacob’s Picks week 2

(Total Record 0-4)


QB Aaron Rodgers 25.9 pts – BOOM

Last week was definitely a game to forget against the saints. Rodgers had a total of 1.32pts last week which is definitely something you don’t normally see from the reigning MVP of the league. Expect a big turn around game against one of the worst defenses in the league both in rushing and passing.


QB Jalen Hurts 22.0 pts – BUST

Against the 49ers who had a pick six last week against the lions last week. Hurts did have a great outing last week against the falcons but you definitely should wait a little longer before you start giving him the boom.


RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire 14.8 pts – BOOM

In the opener against the Browns Clyde definitely didn’t see as much volume as you would expect but against the Ravens who have allowed 4.6 yards a carry for all RBs last year you should definitely expect for the Chiefs to use Edwards-Helaire even more this week.


RB Josh Jacobs 13.6pts- BUST

After a great game against the Ravens last Monday in a Overtime thriller, you should be sceptical about starting Jacobs this week solely due to the fact that they are playing arguably the best defense in the entire league with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Definitely expect the Raiders, not just Jacobs, to struggle this week against this defense.


WR Keenan Allen 16.7 pts – BOOM

One of the league’s top receivers and Herbert’s top target on this high powered Chargers offense. With Allen racking up 100 passing yards last week you should expect more of the same this week against a notoriously bad secondary on the Cowboys.


WR Devonta Smith 13.6 pts – BUST

Against the Falcons last week the rookie Hiesman trophy winner definitely showed out with his first catch in the NFL being a Touchdown. With that being said the 49ers secondary is nothing like the Falcons so I would put the brakes on Smith before you can expect big things out of him consistently.


TE Kyle Pitts 11.4 pts – BUST

Against the Eagles last week the highly praised rookie tight end didn’t see as much action as many would have hoped. Against the best defense in all of the NFL this week with Tampa Bay, you should definitely expect the Bucs to be all over Pitts and this lackluster offense.


TE Tyler Higbee 9.2 pts – BOOM

Higbee finished in second with targets on offense only falling to WR Cooper Kupp who is a stud on offense. Expect nothing less from Higbee this week against the Colts who should be getting the same amount of volume this week as the Rams offense looks like it’s starting to roll on offense.




Ben’s Picks week 2

(Total Record 3-1)

Welcome back to my picks for the week. Now I did have the best record by far last week, so take that as you will. This week will be more challenging with more picks, so bear with me.


QB Jalen Hurts 22.0 pts – BUST

I love Hurts this season, but not this week. I think his projection is a bit unrealistic, especially with a tough matchup against San Francisco. The Falcons defense last week looked like a mess, and San Francisco will probably control the game so I have the under on Hurts.


QB Teddy Bridgewater 17.7 pts – BOOM

The Broncos rolled over the Giants last week who supposedly have a strong defensive unit, and Bridgewater scored over 20 points. The Jets defense is not as strong as the giants and I see a score of around 20 for Bridgewater. 


RB Aaron Jones 17.0 pts – BOOM

The Packers have a hopefully easy game against the Lions this week in what will likely be a high scoring game coming from Green Bay’s side. They look to bounce back after a terrible performance against the saints and I see Jones picking up a receiving TD and a good amount of rushing yards against a Lions defense that gave up 41 points last week. 


RB Josh Jacobs 13.6 pts – BUST

Jacobs has a very rough matchup this week against possibly the best defense in football. Last week the Steelers gave up low points to practically the entire Bills team, one of the most high-power offenses in football. Jacobs won’t be able to depend on the 2 TD’s like last week and he is not enough of a receiving threat to get free points on check-downs.


WR Cooper Kupp 14.8 pts – BOOM

Kupp had a huge game against the Bears on Sunday Night, and I have him contributing a similar amount this week in Indianapolis. He looks to be the #1 target on the Rams and I think he will visit the end zone again and surpass his projected 14.8 pts.


WR Keenan Allen 16.7 pts – BUST

The Chargers do have a great WR matchup this week vs. the Cowboys, but I am unsure about Keenan Allen. He will be matched up with cornerback Trevon Diggs, who held Mike Evans to just two catches and 5.4 fantasy points last week. I see huge volume for other Chargers WRs and I think Allen comes in just under his 16.7 projection. This one could very well go either way.


TE TJ Hockenson 11.4 pts – BOOM

Hockenson has a decent matchup against the Packers this week. After last week’s blowout loss, I see the Packers bouncing back and playing a much better game. However, Hockenson is still a reliable target for the Lions offense and I have him coming in a few points over his projection.


TE Tyler Higbee 9.2 pts – BOOM

Higbee saw good volume in the Rams offense last week coming in just behind Cooper Kupp in targets. He already came in above his projection last week and if he can find the end zone he will come in well above once again. The Rams definitely have Higbee in their game plan so plan for him at minimum to be near his projection.