Inclusion Club Update

Formally known as Best Buddies, Community Inclusion Club (CIC), is a club that helps form one on one friendships with students with intellectual or developmental disabilities.


Laura Schwab

Members of Inclusion Club pose for a photo.

Tommy Simmons, Reporter


Aala Basheir ’22 and Kareli pose for a photo taken by teacher Laura Schwab.

To be matched with a peer buddy, interviews are held to find the best fit for the students to provide a safe space to interact. 

“We want to expand to more community/adult inclusion opportunities to provide access to social inclusion for our students with disabilities after they graduate. We plan to expand into the community and eventually provide more socially inclusive opportunities for adults [over age 21] with disabilities,” teacher Laura Schwab said. Schwab is a sponsor for CIC along with teacher Tom Braverman.

If you are an upperclassman interested in joining Inclusion Club you can get involved with a leadership position to go above and beyond. Leadership in CIC is a position where you can oversee interviews as well as do behind the scenes work, such as finding the best fits for students based on their interests. Whether you are actively involved in sports, drama, or other clubs, you can still be a part of Inclusion Club. There is a relaxed time commitment and if you can’t attend field trips, hanging out after school means just as much.  

“I know a lot of buddies that were friends in high school and have continued friendship, even as they go off to college and throughout the rest of their life,” Lydia Karr ‘22 said. Karr has been a part of Inclusion club since her freshman year. 

In the past year members of the CIC have done an Earth Day field trip where the group plants trees. Members are hoping to hold an inclusion event at Wilson’s Apple Orchard sometime in September.

“The awesome part about City High School is that we have so many people that want to be involved and we actually don’t have enough kids to match everyone,” Karr said.

Whether you’re partnered up with a buddy or are joining the activities that you are able to attend, you are contributing to the community and the school atmosphere. You can email or meet with Ms. Schwab or Mr. Braverman if you would like to join the CIC.