Willow “lately I feel EVERYTHING” Review

A throwback to one of 2021’s best albums.


Araminta Siegling

Creative Commons

Wisdom Konu, Reporter

Willow, a rising black alternative music artist, has returned with her new album, lately I feel EVERYTHING. Before the release of her album, she teased it by releasing her first pre-release single “Transparent Soul feat. Travis Barker,” a pop-punk single which gives us a taste of what her album would sound like. Her second pre-release single, “Lipstick,” is also a pop-punk piece that gives us another feel of what would come from Willow’s album. 

“Lipstick” is a track that connects to a feeling of being trapped and explores the concept of gaslighting, spoken with the angst of someone who is deeply hurt. She expresses her confusion due to the gaslighting and the actions of her own self with the lyrics, “I think we live in a labyrinth created by my mind.” She portrays this image of how confusion and gaslighting isn’t just perpetrated by others, but is created within oneself. Gaslighting itself is a prominent topic throughout this album. 

The album, which was released on July 16, 2021, moves away from the alternative R&B music Willow has previously been known for. This album is powerful and angry, created with a blend of heavy rock and pop-punk genres. This album also features a track featuring Avril Lavigne, the media’s critically acclaimed “pop-punk princess.”

“G R O W,” the track featuring Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker, is an upbeat, major key manifesto that is sung in a happy, poppy tone, a sound reminiscent of early 2000s stars such as Avril herself and bands that heavily influenced the album such as My Chemical Romance. 

Compared to her other albums, this album particularly has a more creative feel to it. It feels as if Willow truly put her heart and soul into it. Listening to this album and paying attention to the lyrics, you can feel her hurt and anger that she yells out. This album is a way of Willow screaming out lyrics that speak her truth and her way of processing righteous anger and heartbreak, while exploring social truths as well. For anyone looking for new black alternative artists to listen to, “lately I feel EVERYTHING” is definitely a must-listen.