Tinashe ‘333’ Review

A Tinashe Throwback with a twist.


Araminta Siegling

Photo from Tinashe Music

Wisdom Konu, Reporter

Independent artist Tinashe has returned after two years with her 5th studio album: ‘333’. Released on August 6th 2021, The R&B star follows up her previous album Songs for You released in 2019 with this album of brisk, short songs once again. 

Considered as royalty of the alt-R&B movement, she once again mixes hip-hop and R&B. ‘Bouncin’, a single from the 333 album, explores hyper-pop and sharp synths. She rides this vibrant pop-rap beat effortlessly in a low, moody tone. A true highlight from this album is ‘Unconditional’ – a shimmering dance track. A beautifully written song with an even better production from KAYTRANADA. This song ebbs and flows with Tinashe’s vocals and shows her vocal color flawlessly. 

An embodiment of R&B versatility, despite it appearing torn between a middle-finger attitude and something much deeper, ‘333’ triumphs in never having a dull moment. It’s a document of character and expression while hopefully pushing forward to something more focussed. 

With this album we find Tinashe, an artist who is always reinventing what pop is and blurring the lines as to what R&B can be. This album gives off the same energy as her earlier hit songs and mixtapes such as ‘Black Water’ and reminds us of the singular artist Tinashe is and always has been.