Boys Basketball Season Begins

The boy’s basketball season is underway, ranking fifth in class 5A. Taking down Burlington and Muscatine, the boys are looking forward to future competitions



Jovan Harris ’22 celebrates a teammate making a three pointer at the game against Muscatine

Tommy Simmons, Reporter

Outsourcing Muscatine by 40 points, and Burlington by 18, the team has already proved their offensive abilities. Starting off the season strong with two wins the team rose to a number five ranking in the state.

“I think and I hope that we’ll be able to live up to what we know we’re capable of living up to, and the expectations and standards that we’ve set for ourselves.” Thomas Ksobiech ‘23 said.

Seniors Jamari Newson and Darren Richardson are stepping up this year. Contributing largely on offense both are ready to lead the team. As multi-sport athletes at City High, Newson and Richardson also played on City High’s state semifinalist football team.

“I have strong feelings with my team.” Darren Richardson ‘22 said. “I’m confident about this year because this is my senior year. In the future I see the team making it to the Wells Fargo Arena to compete at state.” 

This year the basketball team is coached by Brennan Swayzer and his assistant coach Shamari Scott. Swayzer has more than thirteen years of coaching experience after Larry Brown, the previous basketball coach who had been a teacher, coach, and athletic director at City for 25 years, told him to meet with him to coach at Southeast Junior High to start off his career. 

“Swayzer has really brought his defensive-minded mentality to the team and laid the groundwork for what he wants this program to be. I think he’s doing a good job, being able to build it back up to what it used to be and what it should be.” Ksobiech said. 

After Swayzer coached at Southeast he came to City High for about five years, went up to West High, and now is back at City. 

“In the future, I see the team stepping up to the challenges and getting the payoff for everything they’ve been working towards.” Swayzer, head coach of the boy’s basketball team said. 

This year both the girl’s and boy’s basketball teams are playing in the new gym. The gym provides a large space for players to compete and students to watch. There is a full 360 view on the balcony and bleachers below. 

“I think the new gym is very professional. Cheering and playing at the arena gives more of a fun atmosphere than the old gym.” Anna Gayley ‘22 said who is on the varsity cheer team.