Coach Spotlight: Chip Hardesty and the 2022 City Tennis Season


Natalie Green

Coach Chip Hardesty works with John Nicknish and a group of City players from ’21.

Sophia Brenton, Reporter

What are you the most excited about starting the 2022 season?

“I’m excited about several new players on our team this year.”

Who should we look out for on the court?

“A freshman, Abhay Anil is already very good and probably will play no. 1 or 2 in the lineup. We also have our no. 1 from last year, Mal Nye, and strong juniors Adrian Bostian, Owen Ojile, and Ari Collins. A big help will be four-year starter John Nicknish. A big pool of 9th and 10th grade  new players will play a lot this year.”

How is the team preparing for the first match?

“We have been practicing hard indoors at our “home “ courts at HTRC the U of Iowa tennis courts near West High. These have been our home courts for three years, since the construction of the new gym/cafeteria.”

What are your goals for the season?

“Our team goal is to learn the game of tennis well, have fun and win as much as possible!”

Why did you choose to coach tennis?

“14 years ago I was asked by the then Athletic Director to coach. I played in high school at CR Washington and was a four-year starter at Cornell College.  I’ve continued to play tournaments over my adult years. I’ve also taught tennis both in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. I’m a good example that tennis is a sport you can play your entire life!”