The Little Hawk: Officially on TikTok


Chloe Froeschner, Reporter

One of my proudest accomplishments to this date as a Little Hawk journalist is the amazing TikTok account Evi Smith ‘24 and I have re-built from the ground up.

On the TikTok we will be announcing big news and fun behind the scenes action.  From paper day, school dances, the Hawkle, ISASPS, and insight into the emotions, the passion, and the vulnerability of the Little Hawk journalists that you wouldn’t get to see otherwise. You don’t want to miss this content!

With a whopping 61 followers and a total of 236 likes, the @littlehawkjournalism TikTok account is ready to grow.  Please take a look on TikTok @littlehawkjournalism and give us a follow.