Teacher Appreciation: Ms Sotillo’s Dedication Brings Everything to Light in English Class

English has always been one of my favorite subjects, but that didn’t stop my nerves on the first day of school. Ms. Sotillo immediately made me feel welcome, and I looked forward to every class from then on. She always finds ways to make regular lessons more enjoyable and is never short on activities. I have tons of fun acting out Shakespeare plays and doing Peardecks, and with it, enthusiasm spreads quickly in her classroom. 

Ms. Sotillo truly embodies the passion of teaching. Walking into the class you know that’ll you’ll always be greeted with a smile, and shortly after, laughter. Her upbeat attitude just brightens up the classroom.

Due to a scheduling mistake earlier this trimester, my English teacher accidentally got switched. I was devastated! I was already beginning to miss Ms. Sotillo and all the good memories that came with her, but thankfully she was able to solve my problem with grace, and thankfully I’m still in her class!

It’s always nice to have a teacher who is dedicated to their job, and her dedication shines through. Thank you Ms. Sotillo! 


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