Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Gibbens Makes American Studies the Class to Look Forward to Taking

All teachers work day and night in order to meet our needs as students. From the seemingly endless amount of work that needs to be graded to the copious amounts of planning that goes into the average school day, teachers deserve our utmost gratitude, especially during Teacher Appreciation Week!

One specific teacher that has brought tremendous amounts of positivity and encouragement into the classroom on a daily basis is Mrs. Gibbens in 2310. She teaches American Studies, a class that has been notorious for not being the most intriguing class that City High has to offer, but she has managed to turn this class from a required, mandated class to one to look forward to. Whether we are taking notes, reading, doing a project, or doing homework, Mrs. Gibbens has always been understanding, helpful, and overall just a friendly face to talk to, in and out of the classroom. She has miraculously found ways to make her class fun by watching movies, bringing food, doing games, doing fun group projects, and more.

She always makes it obvious in so many ways that she cares about each and every one of her students. Sometimes that means asking us how we are doing in the halls, and other times it’s removing a big test from the agenda because the workload is already a lot for us with not only her class but 5 to 6 more. She truly shows her love and passion for teaching throughout all of the hardships and struggles that come with it. 

Mrs. Gibbens has had such a positive impact on our lives and we will always have infinite amounts of appreciation for her. 


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