Grace Kirschling

Grace Kirschling and others take a selfie with Welp at a track meet.

Teacher Appreciation: Why Welp is Great

Jay W. Welp is a great teacher and coach because he truly cares about the success of each of his students and athletes. 

“Welp wants you to do your best and creates opportunities to help us with what we need to do our best,” Annika Veit ‘22 shares. 

He takes time to learn what the runners are capable of and pushes us to achieve our goals. He makes sure practice is full of hard work but he also makes it a good time.

“He connects with the students and makes class fun,” Sophia Romero ‘24 says. 

As a coach, he really cares about each athlete and their success and enjoyment in the sport of running. 

He makes sure his room is a very comfortable environment because students always go and hang out in his room before school starts. During races and workouts, Welp yells out encouragement while we are running to help push us through the finish. Before every track meet, Welp will always give us words of wisdom and encouragement. After every track meet, he will always say kind words no matter how the athletes succeeded. 

“I loved going to all the track meets with him and chatting up a storm. And having the team dinner at his house and meeting his cats,” Annika Viet says. 

Welp has two cats named Kallie and Stella.  Welp also enjoys running with students.

“My favorite memory with Welp was when he ran the last lap with me on my mile time trial to help me PR during the postseason of XC,” Jack Degner ‘24 says. 

Welp also likes to honor students on their birthday.

“I enjoy it when he wishes the students happy birthday with pictures on slideshows in class,” Sophia Romero ‘24 said.

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