Art Department Puts on End Of 2nd Tri Show








The art department in the basement of City High put on the tri-annual art show, displaying all the pieces of art students made during the trimester.

“I had an open hour and found myself hanging out in the art room most days, I went to the guidance office and made it my class officially and it’s been one of the most fun classes I’ve ever taken,” Elliot Manjoine, 23′, said.

Elliot Manjoine is a senior who joined the 3rd hour ceramics class and created four glazed ceramic pieces that were displayed in the art show.

“It’s really awesome to be a part of such a professional looking art show at my high school, I’ve never been super artsy but seeing my ceramic pieces on the table with everyone else’s work was such a rewarding feeling,” Elliot Manjoine, said.

Dan Peterson, Maggie Yocius and Michael Close are the three art teachers at City High.

“I’m really proud of all the hard work the students have shown this trimester, the art department has always been a welcoming environment for students who can only draw stick figures or can draw pictures that look like photographs,” Michael Close, said.

Michael encourages students of all skill levels to try taking an art class and see what you’re capable of creating.