Why We Love our City High Teachers

Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Peterson and Groot

Teacher Appreciation : Mr. Hagy Brings Music to Life

Grace Kirschling, Broadcast Editor

The students gather in room 1517, as they anticipate class starting. A few giggles here and there, and the room is filled with murmurs as the choir listens for the first chord. Mr. Hagy rises from his chair to bring the room and music to life.   “Mr. Hagy makes the choir exhilarating. He's so lively when he teaches. You can feel his passion for music through his conducting.” and anonymous st...

Ms. Basile Makes the Important Connections
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Shout out to Mr. Sheldon

Claire Hartwig, Reporter

It’s not always easy to control a class full of thirty high schoolers! But my Biology teacher, Mr. Sheldon, does it every day. Even though I’m not a big science lover I still enjoy going to his class every day. He makes an effort to engage students in the class, makes learning fun and easy, and takes time to play games on special days. He might not always show it, but he really enjoys teaching a...

Ms. Brinkmeyer Is A Bright Light At City High

Kate Meis, News Editor

“Flexisched says you are locked in to go to Ms. Brinkmeyer’s room, I can’t request you.” My journalism teacher announced to me from his desk. It had finally happened. After probably 100 emails sent usually 20 minutes before the beginning of advisory with something along the lines of “Hey Ms. Brinkmeyer, I’ll be in Journalism today. Thanks!” she had finally had enough. I prepared mysel...

Mr. Peterson’s Creative Take to a Positive Environment

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