City High Community Participates in Annual Nacho Cup

As the tradition continues, get a close up of this year’s winners.


Coach Hightshoe and Vivian Tomek ‘23 shaking hands with Greta Stanier ‘23 and Adrian Bostian ‘23 after the match. Photo by Jill Tomek.

Greta Hayek, Copy Editor

The Nacho Cup is an annual tennis tournament held at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center. The tournament marks the end of the tennis season, with the winners receiving bragging rights for the next year, and nachos given out to spectators.

This year, Coach Hightshoe and Vivian Tomek ‘23 emerged victorious beating Greta Stanier ‘23 and Adrian Bostian ‘23 with a final score of 6-3.

“I looked forward to it all season. It’s a great way to finish off the season in a fun, but competitive way,” Tomek said. “This was my third time participating in this tournament and every year it’s a great experience!”

JV, varsity players, teachers, coaches, and even students who do not participate in tennis are able to join the tournament.

“Vivian carried the team this year – a much-improved partner to Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller and I have ruled the Nacho cup for years, only losing twice,” Hightshoe said.

Preparation for the Nacho Cup consists of finding a doubles partner to practice and play with. The majority of players do it for fun, but those who take it seriously have other tactics to ready themselves.

“Most of my preparation this year was mental. I visualized my technique and then made it happen. Part of my mental preparation was getting into the heads of my competition,” Hightshoe said. “Some say that I’m a great loser but a terrible winner!”

Because the tournament is open to everyone and not limited to just players, people aren’t restricted to joining based on their current tennis skills.

“I would encourage everyone to participate in the nacho cup! It is so fun to participate in, or just to go to watch some good tennis,” Tomek said.

Many of the doubles partners consisted of student-teacher and player-coach teams, while others consisted of two non-tennis players or a mix of players and students.

“Start practicing now! Get a ball and a racquet and start hitting,” Hightshoe said. “Tennis is a terrific sport and can be played for a long time – look at me!”