Over 65 Students Go Quiet

By Emily Mitchell and Jacob Simmons

An eerie silence filled the halls at City High Friday, April 16. More then 65 students were taking part in the National Day of Silence which is in support of anti-GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) bullying, name calling and harassment.

Students will not talk today for many reasons. Each student has a slip of paper giving the reason why they will not be talking today.

Most participants are standing up for what they believe in and with this movement it will bring move forwards towards awareness of LGBT bulling.

“Day of Silence is for all the gays and lesbians who have been rejected by society,” Said Feijo. “If you are gay, lesbian or straight it doesn’t matter, just showing that your there is probably the best.”

You don’t have to be GLBT to participate in the vow. Anyone could have been involved in DOS to fight for the cause or support a friend.

“I’m doing the vow of silence, not because I’m gay but because I support human rights,” said Sam Buatti. “There is nothing wrong with being different between gays and straights but a personal opinion and not giving them rights is not allowing them to have an opinion.”

The National Day of Silence has many ways to support along with tips about how to stop anti-GLBT bullying. This website also has a twitter to Tweet the Silence on April 16.

“Day of Silence is a great day to show your appreciation for equal rights for gays, bi’s and everyone.” Said Brittani Kooyenga ’13.

Click here for The National Day of Silence Web site.

Students stand in silence. From left to right: Brittany Garcia-Kindl, Emily Powers, Brittani Kooyenga, Seanna Feijo, and Sam Buatti