The Little Hawk

Featured Talent: Lauren Rude

Lauren Rude '20 takes notes from director Ian Zahren during rehearsal.

Reese Hill, Reporter

December 7, 2017

During the day, Lauren Rude '20 may appear like any average student, focused on school and remaining a courteous member of the City High community.  But by night, she dons a costume, makeup, and gets up on stage, where she leads an ensemble of thespians in musical storytelling performance.  Rude is ...

City High Takes Field Trip to Chicago’s Hamilton

City High Takes Field Trip to Chicago's Hamilton

Reese Hill, Reporter

October 1, 2017

When the opportunity to see one of the hottest Broadway shows in Chicago arose, a group of City High students did not throw away their shot. Some of the students had never listened to the soundtrack and some knew it by heart, but none could give up the chance to see Hamilton in real time. Eng...

Additional Showing of the Diary of Anne Frank Added

Collins portraying Anne Frank in the play

Victor Kalil and Eden Knoop

April 28, 2017

Following popular demand and high ticket sales, the Iowa City Community Theatre has added an additional Saturday afternoon showing of their production of the Diary of Anne Frank. This production is special to Serena Collins '18, who stars as Anne Frank, a young girl who records her experience during...

Little Hawks in the Little Mermaid

Little Hawks in the Little Mermaid

Reese Hill, Reporter

April 27, 2017

For the past few months, student actors from across Iowa City have been feverishly preparing their audition material for the upcoming teen musical at City Circle Acting Company, The Little Mermaid.  Almost 100 aspiring performers auditioned in late March, with City High students making up on...

Switching the Wrestling Mat for the Spotlight

Tommy Brands '19 in

Olivia DeNeice and Ellie Evans

February 2, 2017

He switched the wrestling mat for the spotlight. In the short time since his debut into the arts, the Iowa wrestling coach's son, Tommy Brands '19, has made his mark on the City High Music and Drama Department. “I did wrestling for two years and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do,” Brands said in reference to his past, short-l...

Student Directed One-Acts to Premiere this Summer

Student Directed One-Acts to Premiere this Summer

Addie Bass, A&E Editor

January 23, 2017

The City High Drama board, comprised of City High thespians who have participated in four or more City High shows, sits in a circle of desks in director Troy Peters classroom, eagerly awaiting Mr Peter's’ decision regarding the board’s proposition to have three student directed shows later ...

Musical Promises to be a Spoonful of Sugar

The cast of Mary Poppins prepares for opening night.

Riley Lewers and Rachel Fischer, Reporter

April 22, 2015

City High Theater’s spring musical, Mary Poppins, is right around the corner. Audiences at the musical, which will be showing April 24-26, in Opstad Auditorium, can expect to see many new faces on stage, tap dancing, and characters flying. “There is surprisingly way less seniors this year,”...

Mary Poppins Auditions

Mary Poppins Auditions

Rosalie Brennan, Reporter

January 21, 2015

Auditions for City High’s production of Mary Poppins are coming right up!   When: Wednesday, February 2 through Friday, February 4 3:30-5:30 (Wednesday is 3:30-6:00) Where: Room 1510 (Mr. Peter’s room)   You will need to prepare: a one-minute monologue a song either from Mary Poppins or a different musical Materials are ...

Show Choir Works in Progress 2014

Soloist Elizabeth Fischer ('15) with the rest of the 4th Ave performers.

Arielle Soemadi, Reporter

November 6, 2014

On the evening of November 5th, City Lights and 4th Ave Jazz Co. had their first show choir performance at Iowa City West High. West High's show choir's (Good Time Co. and Show Time) also performed at this show. "We started to remember why we go through all these endless rehearsals; For the applause...

English 10 Honors Students Present “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Britta Bergstrom, Reporter

June 4, 2014

Bustling with students, the Little Theatre was filled on May ninth. Students were rushing to put their costumes on, practicing their lines at the last minute, and grabbing their props. Then, they were ready to perform. Instead of typically sitting and reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Borger-Germann’s...

The Lights Behind Oliver

Braden Offerman-Mims and Alma Djalali

April 24, 2013

“A lot of the musical numbers in Oliver are theatrical, and those are my favorites,” Gretchen Burke, ‘14, said. Burke works with the light crew in setting up how the lights work in the plays done at City High. “We use grays and blues for some of the creepy scenes, like the funeral home and the...

Elijah Jones Performs at All-State Individual Speech

Elijah Jones Performs at All-State Individual Speech

March 26, 2013

Monday, March 25th, Junior Elijah Jones travelled to the University of Northern Iowa to perform at the All-State Individual Speech Conference. "It was a wonderful opportunity," Elijah Jones '14 said. "It's great to get such positive feedback." Jones performed a monologue that he had previously performed at t...

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