The Little Hawk

William Irvine
Hello. My name is william. I am 16. I like long walks on the beach and hanging out with friends. Nothiong makes me happier than a good book. Not only do I love reading, but I love a good game of football. I am the quarterback and  captain of the football team. I practically am drowning in touch downs. I got 42 points in the last game I played. I threw the ball to myself, caught it, and ran the rest of the yards right into the endzone. I have passed being a mere football player. I have become a football god. Not only that but because of my success in football I am now drowning in women. So many women all of the time. I can't be tamed or controlled, its possible that I am the most powerful person in the entire universe. I dont have time for apostrophes. I am a god here at city high, and all of you peasants should bow down and kiss my feet in submission. I am Tetsuo. I am william. I am god. Call me 319 594 0470.

William Irvine, Reporter

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