Pasta With Marco And Dominic

Marco and Dominic prepare pasta, Italian style.

February 14, 2014

Most people in Southern Europe, in countries such as Italy, Spain, and France, follow a common Mediterranean diet. It’s based mostly on carbohydrates, and a plentiful lunch and dinner.

Pasta, bread, dairy products, and fish are elementary to the diet. Eggs and white meat are eaten less frequently than in the US, and red meat and fast food rarely enter the diet – as little as a couple of times a month. It can be said that the people In Italy live on pasta and bread. Lunch and dinner, pasta is eaten by Italians. Sunk in tomato sauce, with eggs, cheese, pesto; pasta is cheap, delicious, and very easy to cook. Ametriciana pasta is a quick and tasteful way to cook pasta, and the pasta omelette is one of the best ways to revive it. Enjoy!


Pasta Omelette




Leftover Pasta
3-4 Eggs
Hot Dogs
*Cheese optional

No. 2 > STEPS

• Cook the pasta in a pan until it becomes brown and a bit crispy.
• Slice the hot dog into little pieces and add.
• Break the eggs and put in with the Pasta.
• Wait till the eggs are cooked and add cheese if you want.
• Combine pasta with sauce, serve!



Ametriciana Pasta




1 lb of pasta
1 lb of tomato sauce
Half a pound of bacon
Parmesan cheese
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

No. 2 > STEPS

• Cut the bacon into little pieces until it gets crispy, the crispier the better.
• Put the tomato sauce in the pan with the bacon for about 20 minutes under low heat.
• Add salt and oil to taste.
• Boil water, add 3 teaspoons of salt.
• Combine pasta with sauce, serve!


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