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For The First Time album cover

“For The First Time” Review

February 22, 2021

Poetry isn’t what it used to be in the 21st century, and good lyrics seem to be harder and harder to find. But in this case, slam poets wish they sounded like the up-and-coming experimental rock band,...

It’s still important to maintain a level of accountability for our leaders in the next four years

Complacency in the Biden Era

February 20, 2021

Joe Biden is now the President of the United States of America. We longed for the day where instead of going up when our President spoke, our blood pressure would instead go down. Stability can be misleading,...

Online learning has introduced some unexpected opportunities for students in the ICCSD district to meet and learn alongside students from other schools.

100% In-Person School Will Harm Iowa Families

February 17, 2021

Governor Kim Reynolds has instituted a plan in which Iowa students have two choices for third-trimester attendance: 100% in-person school or 100% online. The hybrid option, which was a very comfortable...

Staff Editorial: Joe Biden is the Right Person For America

Staff Editorial: Joe Biden is the Right Person For America

February 16, 2021

President Joe Biden began his historic inauguration speech with words of optimism. “Today is America’s day. Today is democracy’s day.”  Biden spoke of America’s strength and the resilience...

A Little Hawk staff columns outlines the social media policy

Social Media Policy Statement

February 15, 2021

The Little Hawk’s social media policy is as follows: Comments on social media that are abusive, vulgar, racist, threatening, harassing, or personally attacking an individual will not be allowed.  Libel,...

Valentine's Day sugar cookies are made with lemon zest which gives them a unique flavor

Navigating Valentine’s Day for Needed Self-Care

February 15, 2021

February in quarantine has me stressed and depressed, and the weather we have been having is not helping. From school to the safety of your loved ones and more, there is a lot to worry about this year. Despite...

LH Book Reviews: The Rules of Enchantment

LH Book Reviews: The Rules of Enchantment

February 10, 2021

“She spent a lifetime never feeling worthy enough to take anything without an invitation,” - Wendy Tardieu, The Rules of Enchantment I received a copy of this book from TCK Publishing in exchange...

Disparities Between Response to BLM Protests and Capitol Mob Reveal Systemic Racism

Disparities Between Response to BLM Protests and Capitol Mob Reveal Systemic Racism

January 14, 2021

On Wednesday, January 6th, a conservative mob broke their way into the US Capitol to protest what they call a fraudulent or rigged election, which decided that Donald Trump will be removed from office...

This year's class of seniors are affected disproportionately by senioritis.

The Virus of Senioritis

December 11, 2020

Teachers of senior classes are no stranger to students who once had good grades slowly losing focus and motivation. They see high schoolers in their last year often fall victim to the plague of senioritis....

The way the Democratic party plays the political game is costing them elections. And the only way to win is to rip it all up.

What Democrats Can Learn From the Republican Party

December 10, 2020

After reading that headline you might be asking yourself: What would the Democrats even need to learn from the Republican party? Joe Biden was just elected president, the house remained in control, and...

The new Macbooks look the same as last year's.

New M1 Chip in Macbooks Stays Cool and Runs Forever

November 18, 2020

The new Apple M1 chip’s battery life and performance break records. On November 10th, Apple announced new Macbooks and a groundbreaking new chip called the M1. The new chip is replacing what Apple had...

Yard signs in support of Theresa Greenfield and Joni Ernst, candidates for the Iowa Senate

Theresa Greenfield is the Better Choice for City High

November 2, 2020

Although they often seem overshadowed by the presidential election, senate and other Congressional races are important. The two frontrunners in the Iowa Senate race are Theresa Greenfield, a Democrat and...

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