The Little Hawk

Assistant Principal Natalee Swan poses for a photo. Art by Haileigh Steffen.

Women of City High

Kate Kueter, Video Editor March 25, 2021

This time of year can bring many joys to people, especially those who observe the Christmas holiday. Though for those who do not celebrate Christmas, the holiday season can create a feeling of isolation.

Not In Season

Rebecca Michaeli and Aala Basheir March 17, 2021

A lack of representation of minority religions As the late weeks of December are approaching, many are gearing up for the Holidays. Stores are filled with people, houses covered in lights and decorations....

City High Students Soumaila Sanogo ‘23 and Shamar Benton ‘23 started an apparel brand with a focus on social justice.

Two Kids Apparel

Greta Stanier, Reporter March 7, 2021

Scrolling through Instagram, one might come across the page of TwoKidsApparel, a business recently started by two City High students, Soumaila Sanogo ‘23 and Shamar Benton ‘23. With a vision of supporting...

The NESTT staff held an open house where they showed a variety activities that they offer

NESTT: New Mental Health Resources at City High

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown and Aala Basheir February 22, 2021

With a pandemic, political turmoil, and a different way of going to school, the topic of mental health has been more relevant than ever in the high school community. From increased surveys about the quality...

Opting to self-produce music is incredibly easy. But making a career out of it is harder than ever.

The Ethics of Your Indie Music Streaming

Haileigh Steffen and Araminta Siegling February 18, 2021

Tucked between thick forests of sugar maple trees is the undisturbed town of Ballston Spa. Just twenty-five miles from Albany, the town is surprisingly famous for its size, drawing attention to its historic...

Humanize My Hoodie founders and friends, Andre Wright and Jason Sole, pose wearing Humanize My Hoodie apparel.

HUMANIZE MY HOODIE: Behind the Brand

Aala Basheir and Rebecca Michaeli February 18, 2021

In the peak of summer 2020, as Black Lives Matter protests were in full swing, many brands began taking an oath to do their part in protecting Black Indigenous people of color. One organization in particular,...

Teenagers have been flocking towards social media platforms during the pandemic as a way to find a social connection that they are missing out on due to isolation during the pandemic

GenZ, Social Media, Internet Spaces, and a Pandemic

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Executive Editor February 6, 2021

Avery Provorse ‘24 feels like it is easy to get sucked into her phone for hours on end. She ends up procrastinating school work, having trouble paying attention in class, and getting tasks done. This...

Cornmeal biscuits are easily customizable.

The Beginner’s Cast-Iron Cooking

Haileigh Steffen, Video Editor February 4, 2021

Cast-iron cooking has been an essential aspect of cooking for centuries, even in the modern era. These nearly-indestructible pans are beloved by amateurs and chefs alike for their versatility and durability....

Cranberry lemon layered bars, a smooth sheet of tart lemon sits on top of a layer of sweet cranberries with a bed of crumbly crust. These treats melt in the mouth and stay fresh for days.

Lemon Cranberry Bars

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Executive Editor January 20, 2021

  These cranberry lemon layered bars are perfect for any occasion. A smooth sheet of tart lemon sits on top of a layer of sweet cranberries with a bed of crumbly crust. These treats melt in the...

One in ten women in their child bearing years endure endometriosis' painful effects.

Endometriosis. A vantage point into the silent struggle for women’s health funding

Haileigh Steffen, Video Editor December 22, 2020

“Around 4 am I woke up because I thought I had a stomach ache. For about an hour, I rolled around trying to ignore the pain, finally, I got up and went to the bathroom for painkillers. As soon as...

City High students were among the youth voters who saw a record-breaking turnout during the 2020 November election.

The Youth Vote

Shoshie Hemley, News Editor December 18, 2020

William Hinton ‘21 was not going to vote. He decided he would walk to Alexander Elementary on the afternoon of November 3 and register at his polling place. Hinton was one of many young people who participated...

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