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Rehearsals for Little Women Suspended

Art by Sophia Wagner
November 18, 2020

After a brief Zoom meeting on November 17, the cast of this year’s play, Little Women, was informed that rehearsals will be suspended for the next two weeks.  “Because of the ICCSD's recent move...

Show Choir Faces Challenges Amid Pandemic

Show Choir Faces Challenges Amid Pandemic
November 2, 2020

This year show choir director Dr.Hagy revealed in an email that City High would not be participating in show choir competitions which is what students spend weeks training for. Seniors this year including...

Fourth Avenue Jazz Company and Charisma Show Choirs Work Through the Norms of a Changing Season

A picture from the last day of Fourth Avenues Jazz Company's choreography camp back in July.
October 29, 2020

2020 does not look anything like any other year, that much is clear. How can school activities go on and continue some normalcy? The City High Music Department answered that question by making the promise...

They Had Time: Hobbies in the Time of COVID-19

Art by Sophia Wagner
October 22, 2020

This summer, City High teacher Lynsey Barnard was scrolling on Twitter when she happened upon a video of a disc golf player. Aware of the impact COVID-19 would have on her summer, Barnard wanted to pick...

City High Drama Department Begins Fall Play Auditions

Opstad Auditorium's seats will remain empty this fall due to COVID-19.
October 12, 2020

This year, the usual bustle of the annual Drama Department fall informational meeting was replaced with a post on Instagram. A simple design marked the announcement of the fall play: Little Women. The...

City High Art Classes Struggle While Online

Art students begin the school year while online.
October 11, 2020

As Izzy Jurgens ‘22 sits on her unmade bed, she carefully runs her fingers down the ridges of her unfinished clay pot. She takes breaks to snack on honey oatmeal she made while waiting for her early-morning...

FilmScene’s Plans for Reopening During COVID-19

October 2, 2020

Last spring, Iowa City’s independent movie theatre, film scene, along with other theaters around the world, closed due to COVID-19. Andrew Sherburne, executive director and co-founder of FilmScene reports...

Matisse Arnone Starts Baking Blog as a Quarantine Project

Pictured: Food from Arnone's blog.
September 28, 2020

On a Saturday morning, you could find Matisse Arnone ‘23 packing up his orders before delivering them across Iowa City to his peers. His blog on instagram, @bakingwithmatisse, has been a project of his...

Online Music Lessons

Callista Robertson '22 practices piano at her home.
May 15, 2020

Callista Roberston ‘22 shuts her clarinet case, however, she doesn’t place it in her band locker as she usually does. Instead, she places it on a chair next to her desk. Robertson is the first chair...

What to Watch, Read, and Listen to According to Little Hawks

What to Watch, Read, and Listen to According to Little Hawks
May 1, 2020

Show | Criminal Minds “Excellent story, good performance, well shot - just an overall good T.V. show. However, I watch [Criminal Minds] for Spencer Reid only. God bless that sexy hunk of a man.” -...

South East Spring Play Cast List Announced

South East Spring Play Cast List Announced
March 18, 2020

After two trimesters of not having plans for a school production finalized, South East Junior High School drama students were delighted to hear the announcement of tryouts for a spring play. "The Internet...

Midwinter Band Concert Update

Inforgraphic created by Victoria Weckmann.
What you should know before going to City High's annual Midwinter Band Concert on February 25.
February 25, 2020

On Tuesday, February 25, the band program through City High School will be hosting their annual Midwinter Band Concert at 7:30 in Opstad Auditorium, where all bands will be showcasing what they have been...

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