Humans of City High

May 9, 2014

As you walk down the hallway, you look at the faces of the people surrounding you. You recognize maybe ten people, you know six, and you are friends with one or two. What about those other 30? Have you ever seen them before? Do you know their names? Their struggles? Their humor? Their stories? The answer is probably no, which is why Humans of City High was created.

Humans of City High is a project based off of Humans of New York, started by a photographer in New York. The photographer, Brandon, thought it would be intriguing to create a collage of people all over New York City, but along the way he started to get interested in peoples’ stories. His project has become a way for people to observe others and understand what else is going on in the world around them.

Click here to visit City High School’s new tumblr blog, “Humans of City High.”

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