1st Place IHSPA Winners

In addition to these winning designs, Nova Meurice won Designer of the Year, and Jim Geerdes took second. IHSPA said Meurice’s page designs are “polished and professional” and “her work leaves little doubt about her future successes as a designer.”

Feature Story: “In the Middle” by Nova Meurice and Molly Liu

News Story: “Post-election Demonstrations: From Iowa to D.C.” by Teagan Roeder, Zoe Miller, Victor Kalil, and Phoebe Chapnick-Sorokin

Multimedia Story: “In the Middle: A Refugee’s Journey From Congo to Iowa” by Molly Liu and Nova Meurice

Newspaper Design: “The College Hunt” by Jim Geerdes

Newspaper Design: “Students Sensing Tension Turn to Protest” by Sofie Lie

Feature Photo: “Changing Face of Education” by Nova Meurice

Magazine Design: “VEG*N” by Nova Meurice and Sarah Smith

Magazine Design: “Schedule One: Inside the Medical Canabis Movement”┬áby Nova Meurice and Sarah Smith

Video story: “Teachers Answer Relationship Questions” by Sarah Smith and Nova Meurice

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