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Teacher Appreciation Week: Sra. Hefley

Mrs. Hefley has been a Spanish teacher for the past 25 years and has taught at City High since 2008. Throughout these years, she has taught at Highland High School and chaperoned six different trips to Costa Rica, Spain, and Mexico for students.

Mrs. Hefley, who we know as Señora Hefley, has made Spanish more enjoyable with the different ways that she runs her classroom. When students walk into her class, she usually has memes on the SMART Board each day. She is generous, motivating, and supportive. Oftentimes, I can talk to her when I’m struggling with quizzes and homework.

“I like how when you don’t get something, she’ll explain it to you until you get it and help you understand what you’re not getting,” Caroline Carter ‘20 said. “She’s also super nice and she’s not just a teacher, she’s more like a friend. You can talk to her about stuff and she’s super open.”

Many of her students can agree that she has made a great impact on them. Although she teaches morning classes, she constantly takes time out of her day to make sure students are able to get the help that they need. She breaks down lessons for students by having them work in smaller groups and focusing on grammar.

“I really try to break it down. It’s important to speak Spanish but you also have to understand how the language works, so kind of chunking it down to manageable steps and letting the students practice, and then add another level, and then add something a little more,” said Ms. Hefley. “By the end of the unit you have the complex stuff, instead of just jumping right in.”

I really appreciate Señora Hefley for everything that she has done for me. Spanish class would not be the same without her welcoming smile and laughter to brighten up the classroom. This year has been exciting, and she has definitely prepared me for next year with all the conjugations we’ve practiced.

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