Shayna Jaskolka

High school isn’t that bad…I mean, it can be rough at times, really rough, but it really isn’t the worst. There are worse things in life. Still, high school has its struggles: my freshman year was not hard academically, but it was socially. I had just moved here and didn’t have any friends. Theo Prineas–go check out his column too–was the first friend I had here. I had PE with him and he came up and talked to me while we ran laps. It was really nice to know that people did like me and that I would eventually have so many friends I’d lose count of them. Friends are so important, learn the importance of having those bonds early in life. It will make things a little easier.

Having a network of friends is essential to surviving high school. Without people there to support you and to talk with it’s going to be rough. At the end of my junior I lost most of my friends due to a conflict within the group. It was devastating, I felt I had no one who I could go too. My summer was not the best, I spent it mostly with my dog (I love my dog, don’t get me started on talking about her-it won’t end. I could talk about her for days.) which isn’t bad, but seeing people and spending time with people is also fun. As awful as that summer was, I actually found my true friends. The people who stuck with me or found me were and are the real people who got me through high school. Yes, I know friends will change, come and go, but you always need a good group of friends at each stage of your life.

A friend I never thought would actually be a friend, a truly great and magnificent friend, one of the greats, was YouTube. YouTube has everything. It’s how I survived chemistry, AP world history, AP government, and basically every other class. (Thanks John and Hank Green!) YouTube is a wonderful resource-use it. It was also an escape, a way to find new people from around the world, and I could have all of YouTube on my phone. YouTube was my way to take a break from homework or just life because we all know it can get crazy sometimes. Taking a break from reality is okay! I know it can be stressful to stop doing that project that’s due tomorrow, but that fifteen minute break watching a couple Buzzfeed videos can help and even make you more productive. You could even listen to a video while working on something. I always work better with a little noise, quiet is boring and brains need stimulation.

So just remember, life gets crazy, have friends, talk with them, have YouTube, it’s a homework helper and a friend. You will get through high school just fine, don’t worry, I did it. Here are some words of possible inspiration, take them as you please. Everything in moderation, remember that one bad grade WON’T kill you. I got my first C last year and I still had a 3.7 GPA. Colleges will want you even if you have a bad grade here and there. You got this, I believe in you! Also enjoy high school, you won’t get these final years of your childhood back. Have fun, my dudes!

-Shayna Jaskolka

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