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Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Sheldon

If you’re looking for a teacher that is always in good mood and can never fail to make even the most stubborn student laugh, look no further than Mr. Sheldon. Mr. Sheldon is fueled by coffee and a passion for biology. He not only gives 100 percent to his teaching but also helping students.

“ He can be really entertaining at times and his teaching style is good [for me].” Sophia Strathern ‘21, when asked why Mr. Sheldon is a good teacher.

Mr.Sheldon attended college at the University of Iowa to get his teaching degree and started at City High in 2001 as an earth and space teacher and later moved biology where he continues to teach. He talks about what inspired him to be a teacher.

“…there was this teacher there who taught science and he seemed pretty cool and laid back and made it seem like pretty cool…So actually, I started out wanting to be a junior college teacher first. But then I was like, no high school is it,” Said Mr. Sheldon.

At the beginning of the school year many people told that biology was going to be challenging and that made me really nervous for the class since I was not the best at science and it did not seem interesting to me but Mr.Sheldon made biology fun and was always available to help during advisory, before and after school when I needed to make up work or tests.

“I knew I wanted [to work] with people and science some sort of combination. I remember shadowing a pharmacist and it was not fun. It was like ‘hey they count.’…teaching is teaching but you kind of have to love the content.” Mr.Sheldon said.

Because of Mr.Sheldon, students can learn biology and have fun with it. He inspires me to do my best everyday. Thank you and happy teacher appreciation week!


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