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History teacher Mrs. Dickson poses for a photo. Art by Haileigh Steffen.

Judith Dickson

What is your position at City High? 

Social studies teacher – six years.


Who is your favorite woman in history? 

My favorite women are those in my daily life:  


My friends are hard-working mothers, daughters, sisters, partners who try to do their best for themselves and others.  

Robin Arzon and Ally Love, my favorite Peloton instructors (I know, I know) that work to build up all the Queens

My ultimate favorite woman is my mom, who sacrificed to raise me as a single mother, working ridiculous shifts as a nurse. She always does the right thing with her genuinely kind, generous thoughts and actions. My mom is never restricted by the opinions of others and celebrates everyone.


What is your favorite quote from that person?

Robin Arzon, Peloton instructor:

Real Queens fix each other’s crowns


How are you a role model? 

By acting in a responsible and ethical manner for my children and students…and laughing as much as possible.


What impact do you want to leave on City High?

I hope to leave students with relatable information about history and government, that they will use in their future.  I also hope to impress on students the importance of being genuine, responsible, honest, and always have a sense of humor. Finally, I hope they know how much the CHS staff care about them.

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