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Dr. Jill Humston teaches at City High. She received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin.

Teacher Appreciation: Dr. Humston

Coming into Sophomore year I had no inclination to learn science. All previous science classes I had found interesting, but I had never fallen in love with the subject. I was thoroughly convinced that I was, and always would be, someone who identified with history and english classes as their favorite subjects to learn. However, this year, Dr. Humston has helped me challenge this belief, and develop a new interest in science.

Within the first week of school I could tell I was going to have a different experience with science this year. Normally it was a class I dreaded coming to, but I was finding myself more and more eager to see what we’d be learning today. Dr. Humston always helped reinforce this by greeting us with a smile, a fun story, or just an enthusiasm to teach our class, regardless of when I was in online school or in person for hybrid.

Dr. Humston is obviously an expert on the topic and enjoys helping her students learn. This makes her class, and science in general, so much more entertaining. Listening to a teacher lecture over something they’re passionate and knowledgeable about makes me so much more invested in what I’m learning. There have been times when I’ve been so interested after a lecture I’d be watching videos, reading, or researching more information about what I’d just learned. All because Dr. Humston teaches Ap Bio in a captivating way.

I’m a student who asks a lot of questions, I’ve found sometimes that can be a little overbearing for a teacher, but not for Dr. Humston. Who was always willing and thoughtful to answer them. Dr. Humston would go above and beyond to make sure I understood. Drawing diagrams and giving examples, in addition to giving me the straight answer.

Dr. Humston is always insightful and recognizes when students are struggling with a certain aspect of the course. Dr. Humston always takes the time necessary for her students to develop a good understanding of the content. Especially with the challenges of online learning, Dr. Humston has risen to the occasion, she has found ways to make a course like AP Bio accessible and manageable despite the conditions. She’s adapted the format of how she normally teaches the class into an online form, supplying resources and organization when it’s needed the most. As her student I’m extremely grateful for this, and it means a lot to me. Thank you Dr. Humston.

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