Natalie Green

Teacher Appreciation: Ms Darby and her Special Vibes

Dear Ms Darby,

You were my favorite teacher until you stopped teaching iJag. I think you’re very funny and a special person. I hope you and your family are doing well since Covid and thanks for letting me be your favorite student.

I’m probably not your favorite student, but I will just like to think I was since I had the best grades and made people smile and laugh because of my laugh.

I think you are the most amazing teacher Mrs.Darby because you give the special vibes. I just love how nice you are even when the classroom was chaotic.

Anyways, you are just the best teacher I ever had and if I were to see you again in person I would say “אני מאחל לך טוב ידידי”. I don’t know if you can read this type of Hebrew, but it says “I wish you well my friend”, and yes I said this because you’re Jewish and you’re my favorite teacher and sorry for always getting on your nerves.

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