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Senora Eivens rolls the dice and plays all the games to make sure students learn their Espanol.

Teacher Appreciation Columns: Señora Eivens Rolls the Dice so Every Student Can Learn Spanish

Señora Eivins makes learning Spanish possible for every student. Even if she is asked the same question five times she still takes the time to make sure every student understands. She starts class every day with an activity that makes learning fun and easy. She uses things like dice, chalk, and races to turn learning into a game. She never just lectures us, but instead plays videos, songs, and other things to teach us vocabulary in different ways.

Sra Eivins always encourages her students to do their best. She lets her students come in during office hours if they need some extra help and is always willing to give students one-on-one time. Even when we take tests, she always allows retakes so that we can learn from our mistakes and get the highest score possible.

Gracias, Sra. Eivins!

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