Teacher Appreciation: Bryan Parker Uses the Force to Make Track Fun

Bryan Parker is an administrator at City High, however, he not only makes sure students feel heard but his athletes as well. My first experience in Track and Field was freshman year, I walked into practice not knowing what to expect. I saw a friendly smile as he greeted me at the door. He taught me the basic forms of running and influenced my love for the sport. Feeling welcome in a new sport is one of the most important factors of wanting to continue the activity and Parker knows exactly how to make you feel welcomed. 

I remember last year on May 4th, Parker walked into practice in a full Jedi outfit, equipped with a lightsaber and all. We all had a bunch of laughs when he came down head to toe in a Star Wars costume.  

When I first found out Parker had been hired as an administrator, I was ecstatic and the feeling hasn’t faded to this day. When I see him in the halls he never fails to say “hello” and brighten up my day. Not only does he recognize me, but every other student as well.

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