Drake Approaching After Boys Forwald Victory

A victory for City on the way to Drake.

Dominic Balesteri-Fox and Daniela Perret

After a 5.5 point victory over cross-town rivals Iowa City West and hot competition from the 6 other schools in competition, the Little Hawks have their eyes set on Drake.

Forwald was the last chance for the Little Hawks to qualify for the coming Drake Relays.

The team qualified a total of six events for Drake, the shuttle hurdle run by Kole Butler ’14, Sy Butler ’16, Cory Lindsey ’14, and Kevin Buell ’14, with the possible substitution of Jake Leohr ’14, or Dillon Africa ’17; The 4×200 which will most likely be run by Alec James ’15, Bryson Runge ’15, Kole Butler, Cory Lindsey, Chuck Riley ’15, or Rajay Rodney ’17 ; The 4×100 meter relay run by Chuck Riley, Cory Lindsey, Xavier Washpun ’14, and Bryson Runge, or Kole Butler or Rajay Rodney; The distance medley most likely run by Cory Lindsey, Alec James, Ali Omar ’16, and Tom McDowell ’16; The 100 meter dash run by Bryson Runge, and the 110 meter high hurdles run by Kole Butler.

Ryan Dorman ’14 and Rasheem Shivers ’14, two of City’s top performing distance runners, and standing state champions were with injury and could not compete in the meet. In their absence, the 4×800 meter relay still placed 3rd despite not qualifying for Drake.

“[We]almost qualified without them, three sophomores and a junior without standing state champions almost got it in,” Carey said.

Kole Butler was just one of City’s runners to qualify two (or more) of his events for Drake, including the shuttle hurdle, and the 110 meter hurdles.

“It [the shuttle hurdle] felt great for the most part. I nicked the first hurdle but it didn’t really slow me down that much,” he said, “I think everyone did what they needed to and that’s why we’re qualified for Drake.”

The Drake Relays take place at the same venue as the state championship meet, and Carey hopes that the meet will serve as preparation for state.

“My hope is that the guys have a great experience, know where they are, and what they’re doing, and go and compete like it’s state,” Carey said, “every event needs to keep improving, we’re getting better and that means the other teams will be better too.”

City will look back on their Forwald victory while looking ahead to Drake, having qualified many of their events at the meet amid the strong competition.

“Our field of teams included five teams in the top 10, a lot of them trying to qualify for Drake – City, West, and Pleasant Valley are all trying for the state title now,” Carey said.

The Little Hawks placed highly in numerous events, taking first place in the 4×100 meter shuttle hurdle run by Cory Lindsey, Kole Butler, Sy Butler, and Kevin Buell with a time of 59.35; The 400 meter hurdles run by K. Butler with a time of 55.92, and the 110 meter hurdles also run by K. Butler with a time of 14.71; The 4×100 meter relay run by Chuck Riley, Cory Lindsey, Xavier Washpun, and Bryson Runge with a time of 43.68; and the 100 meter dash, and 200 meter dash also run by Runge with respective times of 10.99 and 22.65.

The boys also placed within the top three in the 400 meter dash run by Alec James with a time of 54.65 and the 4×800 meter relay, run by Adam Bwayo, Ali Omar, Tom McDowell, and Jens Dancer with a time of 8:18.o4.

In field events, Ladarius Taylor ’14 took first in high jump with a height of 5’10”, Bryson Runge took second in the long jump with a distance of 20’10.75″, and Jake Leohr took second in shot put with a throw of 47’08”, as well as third in discus with a throw of 132’11”.

“Winning Forwald was certainly one of our goals this season, wasn’t sure it would happen, but thought it could,” Carey said.

After Forwald, Butler isn’t worried about his teammates that are going to Drake, or himself.

“We’ve been doing a good job this year of staying focused and running good races when it counts,” he closed.


Daniela Perret

The girls track team competed at the relays placing fourth overall behind Waukee, Iowa City West High and Pleasant Valley.

“I feel like for the conditions and the atmosphere we competed very well,” Lauryn Alderson ’14 said. “It was a very competitive meet with all those teams there, but everybody was strong-spirited and ready to go.”

Highlights for the girls included Kierra Washpun ’14 breaking the meet record in the Long Jump with a jump of 18-4, Sarah Plock ’15 breaking the meet record in the 400m hurdles with a time of 1:04.53, currently first in the state, and the first place finish of the Distance Medley Relay.