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Overton recently won the women's golf divisional meet and is now preparing for state. She has the opportunity to qualify for state on Monday, May 23.

May 12, 2016

Sarah Overton ‘16 had never picked up a golf club until she turned 11-years-old. Her grandma signed her up for lessons with a church member and pro golfer. She hasn’t looked back since.

“He told me that I have a lot of natural talent,” Overton said. “I’ve kept going ever since.”

In the off-season, Overton works hard to stay in shape and prepare for the spring golf season.

“I play basketball in the offseason, so the running and the lifting really helps keep me in shape,” Overton said. “Then we start a simulator in January to get some swings in.”

Overton said that she enjoys golf because of its competitive nature, which is a big difference from playing basketball in the winter.

“I like the competitive nature of it, it’s different than any other sport, because you don’t have your teammates there to bail you out,” Overton said. “It’s all on you.”

Once the spring arrives, Overton tries to get out and practice golf as much as she can. She typically spends around an hour and a half, to two hours a day, practicing.

“It’s a lot of hitting balls; it’s a lot of short game stuff, and I try to get a few rounds in there too,” Overton said, describing her daily practice routine.

Overton has a 42.45 nine and eighteen hole average, which ranks her in the top 20 in the state across all classes and conferences. She said that she hasn’t started out quite as hot as she had wanted to, but is proud of both her individual performance and the team’s performance as of late. Overton was also named the City High female athlete of the 2016 year.

“I really like how the team has been improving and coming along, Overton said. “[On April 20th] we shot a 362 [as a team] and gave West High all they could handle. We were really proud of that.”

Overton’s high school golf career is coming to an end as graduation nears, but she plans to walk on to the University of Iowa golf team next year. She still has her sets sight on making it back to state.

“[Some of my favorite memories of high school golf are] either all of my teammates; We get along really well. [I also enjoyed] some of the really big meets that I’ve won like CRandIC.”

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