Q&A with Artist Morgan Jasia Michalski

Senior Morgan Michalski has a unique talent to capture the human face, as well as projecting her personality into each piece.

November 9, 2016


1) When and how did you first become interested in art?

When I was a little kid I always liked [making art], and sometimes I would draw on furniture. Even though my parents got mad, they thought I was okay [at art]. I liked it so I started doing it a lot at school.


2) Did you ever take lessons, or was it all natural talent?

I never took lessons, but I don’t know about “natural talent” necessarily. It is something that if you look at things long enough, you kind of figure out how to draw it.


3) Does anything influence your artwork?

Definitely the things and the sort of people I see around me. Those are my favorite things to draw — the things I see in everyday life.


4) Do you pursue any themes in your art?

Not necessarily, I draw a lot of people though, that’s for sure!


5) What are some of your favorite pieces you have created thus far?

Probably this one piece where there is this girl, and her skin is a galaxy. Her hair is flames of sun. I loved that one.


6) Do you plan on continuing art into college?

I honestly don’t know at this point!


7) Do you have any tips for upcoming artists?

Just keep drawing. Draw as much as you possibly can.


8) What is your dream project?

I would like to draw every single person I know and have all of their faces. That would be very interesting to look at.


9) Who is your favorite artist?

I am pretty large fan of Leonardo da Vinci, which seems silly because he’s super old, but I really like his work. I find it interesting that his artwork is what I wish I could portray. Super-duper human looking, but he did that so long ago.


To see more of her artwork, you can follow her Instagram.

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