Eat Outside the Box

Many students at City High choose to eat outside during the warm months of the year. Maya Durham and Zoë Miller talked to some students about why they choose to do this.

May 22, 2017

As soon as winter turns to spring, City High students flock to the school’s front lawn. Whether it’s to eat, play frisbee, or just hang out, the student body is drawn to the outdoors.

Rocio and Bella: A Little Taste of Freedom

Maya Durham

Bella Epstein ’19 and Rocio Stejskal ’19, among many others, choose to eat outside to get some fresh air during the day.

Rocio and Bella: A Little Taste of Freedom

Rocio Stejskal ’19 and Bella Epstein ’19 talked to us about eating on the front lawn.

TLH: Why do you choose to eat lunch outside?

RS: It’s a beautiful day and I think being outside helps us forget about school.

BE: It gives you a break from everything that’s going on inside.

RS: It’s a little taste of freedom.

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