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September 21, 2017

Hey I’m Abbott and I’m starting a fishing blog for the Little Hawk.

I enjoy fishing all over Iowa City and thought I would share fishing news and what the good fishing spots are around Iowa City.

I thought I would give a few tips on some things that could help you or give you better luck fishing no matter where you are. You’ll have a lot of different options to pick from, and this might help you decide.

Fishing Poles

It all depends on what you’re fishing for. When fishing for big fish look for a thicker and bigger pole but you don’t want it to be to stiff or itll most likely break.

For smaller fish, like bass and walleye, look for a smaller pole that has barely any stiffness but can bend well. Here’s a few brands of fishing poles I recommend you buy.

Ugly stick
Abu Garcia


Fishing Spots

These spots listed below are spots that have been fun and enjoyable to fish at. But I’ve had my good and bad days at these spots. I’ve fished these spots in all weather climates.


Iowa river (Burlington bridge)
Terry Trueblood
Hills access
River Junction
Kent Park
Cedar River
City Park
The reservoir
Lake MacBride

Bass baits, lures, and jigs

There are many different varieties of lures and baits to catch the several species of fish that sit at the bottom and just wait for something to fall in their path. If the fish doesn’t bite the bait, don’t be upset. It could be the fish isn’t interested in the bait you’re using, or it’s not hungry.


Finesse worms
Rapala brand crawdad lure
medium/large screw tail jigs

Smaller fish (Blugills, chubs, shad, minnows, etc.)

Small fish can be fun to fish until they mess with your bait, giving other fish no chance to bite it.

Small screwtail or other jigs


Big fish baits

I find small fish to be a great bait to catch big fish. I find fishing with live baits that are meant for bigger fish are more enjoyable and interesting to fish with.


Any small fish that can be used for cut bait (bluegills recommended)–catfish, bowfin, gar, snapping turtles, Northern Pike
Stink bait–catfish, sometimes carp or sheephead
Worms–usually small fish get to your worm before something big does
Chicken liver–Catfish, bowfin, gar, snapping turtles, northern pike, etc.


Fishing App

If you fish I would recommend you download Fishbrain, a fishing app, if you want to share what you catch with the world. Fishbrain is like Instagram but it has people all around the world who share their catches.



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