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Teacher Appreciation Week: Dr. Ayers

Dr. Ayers is a man of many talents. We have him for English 10 Honors, but rumor has it that he also has a part-time job as Iron Man. Even more incredible is his ability to withstand stupid questions, procrastinating students, and the occasional vulgar Kahoot name. Despite all this, he manages to never be angry with us…just occasionally disappointed in a caring, supportive way.

Such mastery of teaching is impressive by itself, but when combined with the fact that he teaches four different classes and succeeds in all of them, it’s easy to see why some see him as a messiah.

We know that we can always have a friendly conversation with Dr. Ayers, whether it is related to our classwork or something not even slightly related. His smart, witty, and snarky remarks make sure that class is never dull and always enjoyable, even when we’re writing difficult essays.

There’s also a unique atmosphere in Dr. Ayers’ classroom.  He has a charisma and openness that allows all students to express themselves, either on serious matters, or just by goofing around in class. He’s always available to help his students improve their reading and writing capabilities, whether it’s about what we’re doing in class or our own interests.

Whenever we read a book and have a class discussion about it, Dr. Ayers tries to stay out of it as much as possible and allows us to express our thoughts on the book. Though this is commonly in vain for more confusing books, he never gives up on us no matter how much he should. The discussions are always rather free, but he prevents them from descending into complete madness (which is quite the feat in our class) and makes sure we cover the important ideas of the book.

Dr. Ayers always brings humor, compassion, and joy to even the saddest days. His supreme knowledge and unwavering wit combine to create some of the most enjoyable moments at City High. All in all, it’s fair to say that Dr. Ayers is one of the best in his line of work and a living legend.

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