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Teacher Appreciation Week: Mr. Sheldon

Despite his corny jokes and long moments of awkward silence, Mr. Sheldon deserves to be recognized for creating a classroom that is a low-stress environment. Instead of focusing on repetition and memorization of terms, Mr. Sheldon makes sure the students know the key principles of biology. The class isn’t focused on getting a good grade, but rather learning about biology.

Another key element of his class is that he often gives you multiple options for learning something so that you can learn in a way that is best way for you. Of all my teachers, Mr. Sheldon is the most proactive at helping students. While most teachers are willing to help you if your struggling Mr. Sheldon doesn’t wait for you to ask. This proactive approach to teaching helps students keep from getting too far behind if they are struggling.

Mr. Sheldon also understands that sometimes things go wrong. I have never seen him get angry at a late student, he accepts all late work for full credit, and you can make up all tests in the class. Overall, Mr. Sheldon is a great biology teacher that truly cares about doing his job well.

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