Jazsmine Vanpelt '20 shields her face from the cold with the fur trim on her coat.

Mariam Keita

Secondhand Steals for the Winter Season

Three people model in winter clothes that were either thrifted or taken from their closets.

December 18, 2018


If we look for the intersectionality between Foucault and Schopenhauer, we can see that not only is life a prison, but that it is a prison from which the only escape is to acknowledge our own purposelessness, and that our psychological imprisonment is eternal and transformative. This display of winter clothing helps us to understand the cold futility of our own existence and the shaky foundation upon which our perception of the cosmos rests.


Clothing is a cool way for everyone to express themselves. Colder temperatures do not mean that style must be sacrificed! Joel Castillo ’19, Briunna Pryor ’20, and Jazsmine Vanpelt ’20 were all recruited to show off some looks that can be imitated without having to break the bank.

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