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Kate and Julianne with Ms. Sherman.

Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Sherman

From puppetry to potato facts to funny jokes, Ms. Sherman’s class has it all. Many times she has told stories about going on spontaneous road trips, or about her experience putting on puppet shows. We will never forget the time she introduced her polar bear puppet, Morris, to the class.

While some teachers get grumpy as the day go on, Ms. Sherman’s energy never seems to go down. She is genuinely interested in the lives of her students and enjoys teaching math at City High. This really shines through in her teaching, and she will do an example after example problem on the board. She always finds a way to explain, even when technology fails us.

She has her quirks, just like everyone else. She can’t spell mathematical phrases, she has pronounced words incorrectly that she has used many times throughout the many years of teaching, like “asymptote,” but she is still an amazing teacher.

Her dedication to her students shows not through the materials she gives out, but through joke cards that she changes every day. She always offers us a smile when we walk into her class and has a joke written out on a card next to the door. They may not be good jokes every day, but the saying is true, “it’s more about the love you put into it.”

She has taught us that sometimes you have a bad math day, where 1 + 1 seems to equal 1, and that you just have to accept your mistake and move on.

We really want to thank Ms. Sherman for what she does every day, the positivity, and dedication she shows while helping us understand even the most frustrating of math problems.

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