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Anastacia and Ms Staak pose for teacher appreciation week.

Teacher Appreciation: Ms Staak Making Memories in her First Year at City

Starting with her first year teaching at City High, Ms. Staak has already made quite an impression on many of the students at school. You only need a few days to feel as though you’ve known Ms. Staak for a few years. She is open with everyone and shows she truly cares about her students’ learning and enjoyment during every class.

Among the many things that make Ms. Staak a memorable teacher is her natural ability to turn the ordinary into fun. While most years students put English class near the bottom of their “Favorite Class” list, many of Ms. Staak’s students this year have agreed that her class is one of their favorites. She always finds a way to turn a regular lesson into a more enjoyable experience. Review lessons become games of Jeopardy, studying becomes rounds of Gimkit and Kahoot, and group discussions become forms of teamsmanship.

There’s never a dull moment in one of Ms. Staak’s classes. I will never forget the day we finished class early to play basketball in the gym as a class. Or the time a sing-off of “Life is an Open Door” brought smiles to everyone in the class.

Ms. Staak is not only an incredible teacher but also an incredible person. She is genuine and sociable with all her students and proves every day that she is here for us. She can make even the shyest person open up and make the time in class fly by.

Ms. Staak, thank you, for creating some of the best memories of City High. 

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