Teacher Appreciation: Ms Barnard puts herself in Students’ Shoes

By Naomi Hemley

When I first met Ms Barnard I thought she was one of those teachers who pretended they were cool, laid back, and friendly but only cared about the popular kids and didn’t teach. As the year continued and I got to interact with her more, I realized that I was very wrong. Ms Barnard genuinely cares about every one of her students and makes it known. She understands how they feel and is empathetic towards them. She makes sure people are engaged and included in her class. She somehow is able to make the most boring units or subjects turn into a fun class period.

 She always makes everyone laugh and feel comfortable in her class. The way she makes sure that her students aren’t too stressed and have fun is admirable. I am so grateful for teachers like her who understand that students have lives outside of school and are real people.

Her fun energy is extremely contagious and something that you can feel the second you enter her room. She has a bond with her students that I don’t see many other teachers have.

I appreciate Ms Barnard and all she does for us and what she has to put up with. I am so glad I got to be her student.


By Josh Borger-Germann

There are many great teachers here at City High TSTL. One of those teachers that I have been lucky enough to have been taught by this school year has been Lynsey Barnard or Ms.Barnard. I never enjoyed science or ever thought I would until this year thanks to her.

Although, she hasn’t been here nearly as long as many other teachers you can still tell that she has had an extremely positive impact on the students here. You can tell she truly cares about the students at this school by the many ways she checks in on kids and the good relationships she has with many of the students. She really makes an effort to make any type of student no matter who you are feel safe and comfortable. 

While many teachers may do exactly what is told of them Ms.Barnard is great at putting herself in the student’s shoes and putting a bit of fun into something that may normally be a boring assignment. Ms.Barnard has truly stood out to me as both a caring teacher and person this year. 

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