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Mr. Schumann poses with a Buddha statue in the World History classroom.

Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Schumann Shares Passion for History

If you, like me, often return to a little old Pixar film known as Inside Out, you are greatly aware of the concept of core memories. One of the core memories that spins out of a little tube somewhere in the depths of my brain is from sophomore year, sitting in the dead center of a classroom as Mr. Schumann shuts the door to begin the hour of AP World History. The class, once filled with chatter, begins to quiet as we all focus in on a single sound: sniffing. Looking to identify this noise, we turn to the teacher, who is pacing back and forth at the front of the classroom, making a statement piece of loudly breathing in the air around him.
“I smell… the patriarchy,” Schumann said, smirking at no one in particular. We went on that day to discuss the events that have built and connected our world, as one might expect from a world history class. But Mr. Schumann never let a day go by without surprising us. We joined him on treks across the Silk Road learning about the spread of culture and technology and performed sketches surrounding the myths of the plague that might hit a little too close to home now that we have all experienced the realities of COVID-19. Mr. Schumann had us debate topics we had never heard of, and encouraged us to delve into perspectives we had not formerly known existed. There was never a slideshow unaccompanied by at least one very intense sound effect or a pop-up gif, never failing to grab students’ attention. Students know that Mr. Schumann is enthusiastic about what he teaches. I’ve never met anyone who has exclaimed “Baghdad!” with so much passion.
Even in the dead center of the United States, Mr. Schumann is able to transport students across continents and through centuries. History is what builds humanity, and Mr. Schumann has built a class in which students are introduced to the world and to the humans around them.

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